Saturday, September 27, 2014

Wow! Chinese Woman Aims at World Record with 4.82km Dress Train

chinese woman wedding dress 1
Chinese couple Jing Mei and her groom Yuan came up with the idea to break a world record with her wedding dress and now they’ve brought the dream to life!
The dress cost about $7500 and has a 3 mile long train (about 5 kilometres). It weighs 50kg and will require about 40 bridesmaids to carry it on their wedding day.
chinese woman wedding dress 2
The couple had this to say,
“It started off as a mad idea and then we thought we could actually make it happen.” 
“We’re both delighted with the result and we are definitely going to contact the Guinness World Records to get them to agree that this is an official record breaking dress.” 
The groom said about the dress, “It is her day, so what she says goes.”
chinese woman wedding dress 3

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