Thursday, September 25, 2014

Telecom Costs In Canada Is One of World's Most Expensive


Six years after the federal government began attempting to create a fourth national wireless carrier in Canada, the big three telcos are still almost identical on wireless prices and remain among the most expensive in the world.

That’s the findings of a PC Mag review of Canadian wireless service, its second annual look at the state of telecom in Canada.

Bell, Telus and Rogers charge about $90 a month for a nationwide wireless plan, with their in-house “discount” brands, Fido and Koodoo costing about $70 a month, they found.

“What you see compared to the U.S. is that your prices are competitive with our most expensive carriers,” says Sascha Segan, lead mobile analyst with PC Mag.

But there is no equivalent in Canada to T-Mobile and Sprint, which have acted to keep prices down in the U.S., he said in an interview with CBC’s The Exchange with Amanda Lang.

“We have a tranche of less-expensive nationwide carriers like Sprint and T-Mobile, that there is no comparison to in Canada,” he said, adding that North American prices are more expensive than wireless plans in Europe.

Only Australian wireless plans appear to be more costly.

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