Thursday, November 20, 2014

Lady accused of squandering Donated Funds on Boyfriend’s Rap Album & Designer Clothes

Many may remember the sad story of a struggling single mum in Arizona who was arrested for leaving 2 of her children in a hot car while she attended a job interview.

At the time, her children were taken into care while she was arrested then charged with felony abuse.
People all over the world empathize with Shanesha Taylor as she was viewed as a struggling woman eager to provide for her family against all odds.

After the news went viral, donations poured in – totalling approximately $114,000.

Prosecutors also offered her a lenient plea deal which would allow her avoid jail. All she had to do was put $40,000 in a trust fund for her children along with other minor requirements. The original amount for the trust fund was actually $60,000 but this was reduced by prosecutors, yet Shanesha still did not fulfil her commitment.

According to prosecutors and former supporters, Shanesha went in a different direction. She failed to put the money in the trust fund by the specified deadline and is being accused by former supporters of squandering the donated money on frivolous items such as “paying for studio time for her baby daddy’s rap album”, “designer clothes”, “family trips” and more non-essentials.

Reverend Jarrett Maupin, a former supporter of Shanesha also alleges that she has been offered jobs and simply never showed up. Preferring to enjoy her new found “wealth”.

Now Shanesha’s plea deal is off the table, her lawyers have quit and she is set to go to trial for the felony abuse trial.

People who donated to Shanesha’s cause are said to be disappointed, discouraged and several are demanding for a refund.

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