Sunday, September 21, 2014

Touching | Tears of joy as stranded Canadians return from storm-struck Mexico

There were tears and hugs of elation at the Calgary Airport Friday night, as the last group of 45 Canadians stranded in Los Cabos, Mexico finally made it home.

The travellers were relieved to be back in Canada after their sun-drenched vacations turned into a nightmare, when Hurricane Odile blew down water, power and communication lines across the Baja Peninsula last week.

"We had no electricity from Sunday pretty much onwards. We had generator power for one night and then another night for a couple of hours, but no service, no cellphone and no Wi-Fi," one female traveller said.

Another traveller added: "The food was being rationed and at the end we were down to two rations per day, and at the end we were just kicked out of the resort."

There was widespread looting and rioting after Odile hit last Sunday.

Cody Krantz said that the hotel where he was staying issued a warning that guests might have to lock themselves in their rooms if the rioting spread to the resort.

Krantz's father, Rob, said he was fearful for his son the entire time.

“As a parent, it’s probably your worst nightmare because you feel helpless. We did have a charter (flight) lined up for him today, so he was out one way or the other,” Rob Krantz said.

“But, communication wise we couldn’t talk to him. We didn’t know what was happening. We were getting a little bit off the Internet, it’s just such a relief to have him home."

WestJet flew 4,000 bottles of water and juice to Los Cabos Friday and offered a free return flight to any Canadians who wanted to evacuate.

On Thursday, WestJet picked up 118 Canadians on an earlier flight.

Earlier in the week, Sunwing Airlines flew down two planes to pick up stranded vacationers, as well.
WestJet has cancelled all flight to and from Los Cabos until next week.


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