Saturday, September 6, 2014

Update on Unresponsive US Plane in Cuban Airspace That Crashes Off Jamaica

A 7-seat private plane that took off from Rochester, New York this morning and heading to Staples, Florida, is currently flying over Cuban airspace with the plane occupants not responding to attempts to communicate.

CNN reports that two fighter jets trailed the plane, which is a Socata TBM-700 light business and utility aircraft, but stopped when it crossed over into Cuban territory.

Spokesman for the North American Aerospace Defense Command said the plane's windows were frosted and it is unclear how much fuel is left. The plane is said to have been flying unresponsive for some time.

NORAD has reached out to Cuban authorities and now Cuban fighter jets are trailing the small plane which took off from NY about five hours ago. Cuba is currently not looking at the plane as a threat.

Update: the plane is now approaching Jamaican airspace. It is believed that the pilot is no longer in control of the plane, that the plane is on auto-pilot. They also don't know how many passengers are on-board.

According to FAA, the small plane crashed off the coast of Jamaica. It crashed in the water.
Two U.S fighters reported that the aircraft's pilot was 'slumped over'

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