Saturday, September 13, 2014

How Dangerous Is Hells Angels In Canada Community?

The Hells Angels gang isn’t just “long-haired bikers with beer guts,” but a wealthy multinational business with all sorts of product lines determined to do anything to protect its business, warns the author of a new book, “Angel Dust.”

The Angels are a “clear and present danger to our social fabric,” says Alex Caine, a retired “professional infiltrator” who offers an insider’s view of one of North America’s most notorious organized crime syndicates, documenting its brutal violence and meteoric growth.

Caine, who spent 30 years working for organizations such as the FBI and RCMP, that Canadians ought to pay closer attention to how the gang targets children. “You hear about how [a 14-year-old] shot another 14-year-old,” he says. “Who bought the guns for them? Who supplied the drugs they’re dealing? It’s all one step back, and it’s all the Angels.”

The former undercover agent also says the Angels have moved beyond drugs, prostitution and pornography into more legitimate businesses, including real estate, currency exchange and online gambling. They also target mom and pop shops, demanding a cut of profits.

And they don’t let oceans stand in their way: members were involved in human smuggling in Germany and procuring ingredients to make methamphetamine in Australia.

While Caine says police have had some success making arrests, accused gang members have the money to hire top lawyers, so they don’t always end up behind bars. “In Montreal they released [31] of them,” he says, “because everybody has a right to a speedy trial.”

Caine is a Vietnam War veteran from Quebec. He previously wrote “The Fat Mexican,” about his experience with the Bandidos Motorcycle Club, whose members and associates were convicted in 2009 for the murders of eight bikers in Ontario, and "Befriend & Betray," also


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