Thursday, September 18, 2014

So Django Actress May Have Been Having Sex In Car Whilst Playing 'Prostitute Card'

Looks like that Django actress may have been having sex with white husband when arrested by police. Django Unchained actress, Daniele Watts claimed in a post on Facebook that she was harassed and arrested by police in Hollywood on September 2nd because she was kissing her white husband in public and was mistaken for a prostitute. Well, it looks like she may have been doing more than kissing her husband.
TMZ has obtained exclusives pics of moments before the arrest and it looks like Daniele and her husband or BF were having sex in their car in public.

From TMZ
The pictures were taken Thursday outside the CBS lot in Studio City. You see Daniele Watts straddling BF Brian -- their hands steadying themselves around the sunroof.   
An eyewitness who saw Daniele and Brian as he worked in a nearby office tells TMZ ... Brian was sitting in the passenger seat with his feet on the curb and Daniele was straddling him with her shirt pulled up -- breasts exposed.  The eyewitness says she was grinding on top of him, rocking back and forth.
Someone from the office went down and asked Daniele and Brian to stop because everyone in the office could see them but they continued
The eyewitnesses say Brian then began "horizontally bongoing her boobs back and forth." He says she eventually reached into the center console, grabbed a tissue, wiped him down and then herself and tossed it on the grass.
Someone from the office called the cops and made an indecent exposure complaint. TMZ obtained police audio when the cops came out, and Daniele played the race and fame cards.

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