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George Clooney and Amal's Wedding Photo on People and Hello! Cover Page

It was a weekend love fest for Hollywood superstar George Clooney and accomplished lawyer Amal Alamuddin. The couple tied the knot in Venice, Italy. Family, friends and Hollywood players were there to witness the day.

Hello Magazine reports that ” took place at the luxury Aman Canal Grande hotel. Family and star friends from more than 30 countries, many with tears in their eyes, applauded after the couple exchanged vows and platinum wedding rings during a 30-minute ceremony.
Amal’s exquisite custom-made, French lace Oscar de la Renta dress can also be seen in all its glory. The stunning gown was embroidered with pearls and diamanté accents and featured a gorgeous lace overlay and off-the-shoulder sleeves.

31 people believed dead after Mount Ontake volcano eruption in Japan

Finally reaching the ash-covered summit of a still-erupting volcano in central Japan, rescue workers made a grim discovery Sunday: 31 apparently dead people, some reportedly buried in knee-deep ash.

Four victims were brought down and confirmed dead, one day after Mount Ontake’s big initial eruption, said Takehiko Furukoshi, a Nagano prefecture crisis-management official. The 27 others were listed as having heart and lung failure, the customary way for Japanese authorities to describe a body until police doctors can examine it.

Officials provided no details on how they may have died.

It was the first fatal eruption in modern times at 3,067-meter (10,062-foot) Mount Ontake, a popular climbing destination about 210 kilometres (130 miles) west of Tokyo on the main Japanese island of Honshu. A similar eruption occurred in 1979, but no one died.

Rescue helicopters hovered over ash-covered mountain lodges and vast landscapes that looked a ghostly grey, like the surface of the moon, devoid of nearly all colour but the bright orange of rescue workers’ jumpsuits.

Japanese media reported that some of the bodies were found in a lodge near the summit and that others were buried in ash up to 50 centimetres (20 inches) deep. Police said only two of the four confirmed dead had been identified. Both were men, ages 23 and 45.

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Canadian fighter jets intercept Russian military aircraft

An RCAF CF-18 Hornet , right, and a Portuguese F-16 fly over a former Soviet air base as part of NATO\'s mission protecting the airspace of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia from Russian intruders.
Canadian CF-18 Hornet fighter jets armed with Sidewinder missiles intercepted a Russian air force aircraft over the Baltic Sea, the RCAF revealed Monday.
The drama took place Sept. 11 in international air space, Lt.-Col. David Pletz said in an interview. The Canadian warplanes flew beside a Russian An-26, looked into the cockpit and then followed the potential intruder for several minutes, said Pletz,  the commander of the detachment of four CF-18s based in Lithuania and head of the Canadian air task force.
“We flew out, provided identification of the aircraft and then changed to a shadow mission,” Pletz said. “We hung back and made sure they stayed away from Baltic air space.”
Canada began its first NATO air policing mission in the Baltics in late August with a four-month deployment to protect Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian airspace.

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un Battling With Illness

Kim Jong-unThat Kim Jong-un is carrying a few extra pounds has been obvious since he became North Korea’s leader in late 2011. But speculation that his increasing weight – apparently partly due to a weakness for cheese – has brought on debilitating spells of gout rose dramatically this week, after he failed to attend an important parliamentary session.
Rumours that Kim, reputedly a heavy smoker, is in less than robust health surfaced earlier this year when state TV footage showed him with a pronounced limp and looking noticeably bulkier than he did during his first few months as leader.
On Friday, North Korean authorities, in a rare display of openness about their leader’s health, admitted for the first time that Kim was suffering from an “uncomfortable physical condition”, although they did not confirm rumours that the 31-year-old, Swiss-educated leader was suffering from gout.
State media issued the brief comment on Kim’s physical condition after he failed to appear at a session of the supreme people’s assembly – North Korea’s national legislature, where leaders would normally be expected to make an appearance.
In a one-hour documentary aired on Thursday that showed a limping Kim visiting a factory near Pyongyang, the narrator said: “The wealth and prosperity of our socialism is thanks to the painstaking efforts of our marshal, who keeps lighting the path for the people, like the flicker of a flame, despite suffering discomfort.”
Kim’s three-week public absence comes months after he was shown limping, and wearing loose clothes, during inspections of military units and factories.
His last appearance was on 3 September, when Kim, accompanied by his wife Ri Sol-ju, was shown sitting in the front-row seats at a concert by the North Korean girl group the Moranbong Band.
Despite his love of baseball and basketball – evident in his friendship with the former NBA star Dennis Rodman – Kim is not known for his sporting prowess beyond occasional outings on horseback. South Korea’s Joongang Ilbo newspaper charitably speculated that his limp had been caused by a sports injury, but Yonhap suggested that the portly dictator’s health problems were more serious.

iWant | Province of Manitoba rolls out winter tire incentive

The province has rolled out a loan program to make winter tires more affordable to Manitoba drivers.

Administered by Manitoba Public Insurance, the program will provide low-interest loans up to $2,000 per vehicle for up to 48 months. The initiative was originally announced in this year’s provincial budget.

“We want Manitobans to be as safe as possible on the roads,” said Andrew Swan, Minister responsible for MPI. “This financing program provides another option to buy winter tires for people who otherwise may not make this road safety purchase.”

hile Swan stressed the enhanced safety of snow tires, the province has previously said it will not follow Quebec’s lead in making them mandatory equipment.

According to CAA Manitoba, the deeper treads and softer rubber used in winter tires can reduce stopping distances by up to 40 per cent compared to all-season models.

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Sun Media Apologies To Justin Trudeau For Offensive Rant

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau is refusing to speak with Sun Media until the company responds to his allegation it aired an "offensive" attack against his family.
Sun Media Corp. is apologizing to Justin Trudeau for a rant against the Liberal leader by on-air personality Ezra Levant.
"It is the view of Sun News that this segment was in poor taste and should not have been aired. We understand why many viewers found both the content and language of this segment to be offensive," according to a statement posted on its website.
"We apologize to Mr. Trudeau, his family and to our viewers."
Levant made no mention of the subject in the opening monologue of his 8 p.m. ET Sun News Network show.
"We accept Sun News' apology," Trudeau's spokeswoman Kate Purchase said in an emailed statement.
"We look forward to Sun News journalists resuming participation in Mr. Trudeau's press conferences."
The Sun News Network host was in hot water for an on-air tirade over a photo of Trudeau kissing a Toronto-area bride on the cheek as her bridesmaids looked on.

Disease of Communism | Instagram Banned From China

Instagram, the popular photo-sharing service owned by Facebook Inc, has been blocked in China, according to numerous reports, including from Hong Kong-based reporters with the New York Times.
The company did not immediately return requests for confirmation.
The reports came amid pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, where many have posted photos and videos, including of Hong Kong police firing tear gas at demonstrators.
Many of the photos were labeled with the hash tag "Occupy Central," a phrase that was blocked on Sunday on Weibo, China's version of Twitter. It had been allowed earlier in the day.
The website www.blockedinchina.net also indicated that Instagram was blocked across China, including in Beijing and Shenzhen.

Halifax To Give Pedestrians More Time To Curb Accidents

With the number of pedestrians being struck by cars on the rise in Halifax, the city is giving residents more time to cross its roadways.

The city says walking lights will flash longer at crosswalks in an effort to curb accidents.

There were 74 pedestrian/vehicular incidents in 2013, and 55 of those occurred in marked crosswalks.

While the cause is unclear and distracted drivers can't be ruled out, one reason may be a shift in population demographics. Like a lot of cities in Canada, Halifax has an aging population and the length of traffic lights isn’t keeping up – or slowing down, as it may be.
That is, until now.

After participating in a national study that reviewed how long it takes people to cross the street, Halifax began implementing changes earlier this year.

"The pedestrian walking signals were calculated based on a walking speed of 1.2 metres per second," City of Halifax spokesperson Jennifer Stairs told CTV. "And that has since been lowered to one metre per second. So that essentially gives people more time to cross the road."

Earlier this month, an 81-year-old woman was struck and killed at a Halifax intersection.
"She was energetic and full of life," said Beulah Kemp-Meade, who was friends with the victim. "Certainly as you get older, you don't walk as fast," she said, adding that she thinks increasing the amount of time to cross the intersection will help.

Engineer Ahsan Habib – who just finished a two-year study on collision patterns -- also said adding time is a good first step. But he thinks more needs to be done.

"We really need some engineering changes, like improving the design of the intersection," said Habib, an assistant professor of transportation, engineering and planning at Dalhousie University.

The city is also considering new models, saying that even small changes can save lives.

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Manitoba dog wedding raises $2K for animal charity

What started as puppy love at first sight culminated in a walk down the aisle on Sunday, as a hairy bride named November and an even hairier groom named Opus vowed to spend the rest of their dog-years together.

Opus and November were wed in Brandon, Man., on Sunday at a fundraiser organized by canine charities in the area. Organizers raised more than double their initial $1,000 goal, and will use the money to bring much-needed veterinary services to Manitoba’s remote First Nations communities.

Opus and November’s owner, Alyssa Fletcher, says the dog wedding started as a gag, but quickly grew into a great stunt for charity

“It was a joke that snowballed into a network of organizations that decided to get together and do this,” she told CTV 

Adults Only | Adam Levine & Wife In Vampire Sex in New Video

Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine features his new Victoria Secret model wife Behati Prinsloo in his new video for 'Animals' and the newly wed get 100% naked and extremely intimate in the video. A bloody and shirtless Adam stalks his wife in the video and imagines having great animal sex with her.  You don't want to see this, how come YouTube allowed this to stream, check full pictures and video below

Tension Crack Noted In B.C. Dam 4 Years Before Tailings Breach

A four-year-old report on Mount Polley's tailings pond, which collapsed this summer, notes that inspectors found a tension crack in the earthen dam, and NDP leader John Horgan says he wants to know why the report was hidden away.
Horgan said Friday that the document, "collecting dust" a library shelf in Williams Lake, noted a 10- to 15-metre long tension crack in the dam.
In a press release, Horgan said the information contradicts statements made by Environment Minister Mary Polak, in which she said the government had made public all the information available about the mine.
"The Liberal government knew for four years there were problems with this tailings pond, but they deliberately suppressed the information," Horgan said.

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Sarah Hyland of Modern Family Gets Restraining Order Against Boyfriend

Actors Sarah Hyland and Matt Prokop arrive at the 65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

The ex-boyfriend of actress Sarah Hyland was ordered to stay away from the “Modern Family” star after she said he choked and threatened her.

Hyland, 23, obtained the temporary restraining order on Friday after stating in court papers that actor Matt Prokop had been verbally and physically abusive.

Prokop was ordered to stay 100 yards away from the actress, her home, workplace and dog, and not attempt to contact her. An Oct. 10 hearing was set.

Hyland wrote that Prokop pinned her to her car in May.

“He placed both of his hands around my throat and began to choke me,” Hyland wrote. “His grip was so tight that I could not breathe or speak. I was scared and in fear for my life.”

Hyland said she did not report the incident to police because Prokop was apologetic and said he would never do it again.

Serbian church blasts gays, West over parade plan

The Serbian Orthodox Church on Tuesday blasted what they called ‘shameless’ plans in Belgrade for a gay Pride Parade, which the church says was imposed on Serbia from the West.

“Organisers of such parading and their mentors from Europe refuse to draw conclusions from what previous parades caused,”the SPC said in a statement signed by its head, Patriarch Irinej.

The Serbian LGBT community has launched a Pride Week, planning a Pride Parade on Sunday in central Belgrade as its climax.

The parade was, however, routinely banned as a security threat since massive violence accompanied the only one ever held, in 2010.

With the police decision on Sunday’s parade still pending, the SPC accused the organisers of causing unrest and aggression, awakening destructive instincts among the young.

“That absurd parading forces the authorities to activate almost the entire security apparatus to protect this insignificant group,” it said.

The church said that Serbia should not waste money on securing homosexuals after suffering the immense costs of disastrous floods earlier this year.

The SPC accused the parade organisers of greed and violating God’s moral structure built into the human nature.
It also made parallels between homosexuality and pedophilia.

The church, which is profoundly influential in Serbia, has also in the past, led in condemnations of homosexuality, branding it a disease and sin.

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Barack Obama vows more strikes on ISIL in Syria

US President Barack Obama has said that the participation of five Arab nations in Syria airstrikes against Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) fighters “makes it clear to the world this is not America’s fight alone”.
In a short statement on Tuesday, hours after the first US-led airstrikes hit the group’s headquarters in eastern Syria, Obama vowed to continue the fight, which he said was vital to the security of the United States, the Middle East and the world.
“Once again, it must be clear to anyone who would plot against America and do Americans harm that we will not tolerate safe havens for terrorists who threaten our people,” Obama said on Tuesday before leaving the White House for the United Nations in New York.
He said the joint fight against ISIL would take time, pledging to build more international support for the effort.
He added that the US was proud to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates in conducting the strikes.

Jason Derulo Reportedly Broke Up With Jordin Spark Because He Felt Pressured To Marry

In an interview with Ryan Seacrest today, Jason Derulo said he and longtime girlfriend Jordin Sparks broke up because he felt so much pressure to settle down...
"What happened...in a nutshell, there was a lot of tension in the relationship for a lot of different reasons... There was a lot of pressures of marriage. There was a lot of arguing and stuff like that that just weighed on our relationship over time. When you stop having more good times than bad bad times, it’s time to call it quits. It becomes something that is unhealthy. I'm not one to throw my business out on the street, but I thought it was important because things are getting a little out of hand.
To be fair, it was not just from her either. It was kind of from everybody. That’s not the sole reason, but it definitely played a part. I'll be lying if I said that we parted in good terms. But it's not a bad situation. There’s no bad blood. We didn’t end off on a weird way or a negative way.'  Jason said...

50 Syrian infants die from faulty measles batch

In this photo released by anti-Bashar al-Assad activist group  Edlib News Network (ENN), which has been authenticated based on its contents, show two Syrian children receiving treatment after they were given a second round of measles vaccinations, in Idlib province
In this photo released by anti-Bashar al-Assad activist group Edlib News Network (ENN), which has been authenticated based on its contents, show two Syrian children receiving treatment after they were given a second round of measles vaccinations, in Idlib province
Rebels fighting against President Bashar al-Assad in Syria are suspected of sabotaging a batch of measles vaccinations - leading to the deaths of up to 50 young children.

Dozens of infants in the rebel-held cities of Jarjanaz and Sinjar in Idlib province died on Tuesday minutes after being given the drug.

Although the cause of death has not yet been established, officials reportedly suspect the vaccines may have been tampered with while left unguarded in a storage facility in Jarjanaz.

Syrian rebels suspected of sabotaging measles vaccinations leading to death of up to 50 infants after they all went into 'severe allergic shock'

  • Dozens of infants died minutes after being given the contaminated vaccine
  • Physician who administered vaccine said all children exhibited same reaction
  • 'There was shouting and screaming', said Dr Abdulla Ajaj
  • Infants were being vaccinated in rebel-held Syrian cities Jarjanaz and Sinijar
  • Samples of the leftover drug have now been sent to Turkey for analysis 

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\Wrestling | WWE Raw Results

Here are your quick and dirty, editorial-free WWE Raw results for September 29, 2014. The episode featured a tag team main-event pairing John Cena and Dean Ambrose against Randy Orton and Kane. Also, lots of “CM Punk” chants, because they’re in Chicago.
Be back here tomorrow for the Best and Worst of WWE Raw column.
WWE Raw results:
- The show opened with The Authority calling Chicago “quitters” for chanting CM Punk. They were interrupted by Paul Heyman and then Seth Rollins, leading to an apology for Rollins trying to cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase at Night Of Champions. Dean Ambrose appeared on the TitanTron with Rollins’ stolen briefcase and taunted Seth to find him and get it back. John Cena then ran out and attacked Rollins.
1. Triple Threat Match for the Intercontinental Championship: Dolph Ziggler (c) defeated Cesaro and The Miz. The Miz jumped off the top rope and got caught with a European uppercut from Cesaro. Ziggler superkicked Cesaro out of the ring and covered Miz to retain the championship.
- “New Stooges” Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble went on a wacky goose chase around the arena looking for Dean Ambrose.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Jason Derulo Speaks, Denies Cheating on Jordin Sparks

Last week, Jason Derulo and Jordin Sparks ended their engagement after three years together and there were rumors that it was because he cheated. Well, Jason denies they split over cheating…

In a statement to the media Jason explains,
"Though I think it is a private matter and intended to keep my break-up with Jordin personal, due to bogus and irresponsible lies being reported by insensitive media outlets it became necessary for me to comment. I spent three great years with Jordin and she is one of the most amazing people that I have ever met. But as in all relationships there are ups and downs and at this time we have decided to amicably part. Infidelity, cheating or deceit played no part in our relationship or our break-up, and I hope that people respect our privacy as we move forward with our lives."

Payback Time | Lady Gaga Attacks Songwriter Who Sued Her

Call Lady Gaga a thief ... and then prepare to cough up more than a mil to pay her army of lawyers who will tear you apart in court.

Gaga has filed court docs -- obtained by TMZ -- to collect nearly $1.4 million she paid her lawyers ... to fight a woman who sued Lady G for allegedly ripping off one of her songs.

Gaga -- one of the richest women in music -- claims she spent nearly three years and a fortune defending her reputation ... and in the end she won.  A judge threw out the case ... concluding the 2 songs sounded nothing alike.

Gaga wants the loser to foot her lawyer's bill.

Government of Saskatchewan set to launch carbon-capture plan

Saskatchewan’s government-owned power utility is set to launch its flagship carbon-capture-and-storage project this week when it cuts the ribbon on a $1.4-billion addition to its Boundary Dam power plant near Estevan.
Billed by SaskPower as the world’s first and largest commercial-scale, carbon-capture operation of its kind, the project outfits part of the coal-fired power station with a mechanism to capture carbon dioxide emissions and transport the gas through a steel pipeline into storage deep underground.
While its proponents say the project represents a way to burn fossil fuels — such as coal — more efficiently with less greenhouse gas, critics argue carbon capture simply enables the status quo and does little to mitigate the damage caused by carbon emissions.

Only In US As Kansas Auctions Off Sex Toys To Help Boost Its Faltering Economy

Kansas Auction Off Sex Toys
Kansas’ economy is in a downward spiral and state officials are desperately trying to find ways to bounce back. How desperate are they, you ask? Well, they’ve recently resorted to selling dildos and vibrators to help recoup lost funds. Nope, I’m not dicking around.
The auction is intended to recoup unpaid tax revenue from adult entertainment purveyor Larry Minkoff, who allegedly resisted requests from the Kansas Department of Revenue for $163,986, according to the Topeka Capital-Journal. Minkoff’s assets were seized by state officials in a five-business raid in July, and he eventually agreed to sell the holdings at public auction and apply the profits to his tax debt. The Capital-Journal reports that customers can preview the “1000s of items” in Kansas City, Missouri, on Monday, or purchase online…”

Market Penetration As Redbox Resurrects DVD Rentals to Canadians

A lot of giant red boxes have been popping up lately in grocery stores, gas stations and convenience stores across Canada. They’ve arrived at Tim Hortons and Shoppers Drug Mart too.

They’re the new face of DVD rentals, a business that continues to hang on even after the big box video stores faded to black.

Since 2012, the Redbox DVD rental business that has enjoyed huge success in the U.S., has been making inroads north of the border, particularly in major urban centres. The bright red kiosks are being installed at the exits of well-known shopping and snacking spots, filling the void left behind by the demise of DVD rental chains like Blockbuster and Rogers, says Ron Cihocki, country manager for Redbox in Canada.

NFL Athlete Adrian Peterson Cleared of Sexual Assault

0926-adrian-peterson-tmz-01NFL star Adrian Peterson was the target of a criminal sexual assault investigation, but authorities ultimately cleared him ... 

Law enforcement sources tell us ... the alleged incident occurred in 2011 at a party in Eden Prairie, a suburb of Minneapolis. We're told ... the woman complained to authorities and Adrian denied anything occurred without the woman's consent.

A criminal investigation was opened, and numerous witnesses were interviewed. Peterson's lawyer, Peter Wold, tells TMZ ... "all witnesses who we interviewed concurred with Adrian's story."  Further, Wold tells us ... authorities tested 3 DNA samples ... 2 excluded Peterson and one was inconclusive.

Wold also says Peterson submitted to a polygraph test and the results showed he was truthful and the authorities closed the case and no charges were ever filed.

The attorney calls the allegation "a bogus story that has nothing to do with reality." 

Peterson currently faces criminal child abuse charges.


Toronto mayor Rob Ford back in public eye for first time since being hospitalized

A defiant Toronto Mayor Rob Ford returned to the public spotlight Saturday, talking tough about the cancer racking his body by saying he’d take it “out the back” and get rid of it like he did his substance abuse problems.

Ford mounted a small stage at his family’s annual barbeque party and, backed by Tom Petty’s hit “I Won’t Back Down,” told a boisterous crowd of hundreds that he was going to triumph over his latest struggle just as he successfully tackled substance abuse during a stint in rehab that ended three months back.
“I had a guy I was looking in the mirror every morning and saying, you know what I can’t beat this guy.

Wherever I went, that guy was there — and he was beating me every time — so you know what, I took that guy out the back, and I took care of him,” Ford said, his voice sounding hoarse at times.

“A couple weeks ago, the doctor came up to me… He says, we got someone bigger and badder than that, and I said, who’s that guy? And he said cancer,” Ford told the crowd.

“I said, you know what, go tell cancer that I’m going to put him where I put that guy in the mirror three months ago.”

Doctors detected a tumour in Ford’s abdomen and he is now undergoing treatment for a rare and aggressive form of cancer. He was released from hospital this week after undergoing chemotherapy and further treatments are planned.

Ford bowed out of the mayor’s race this month, but is instead seeking a seat on council. His brother, Doug, has now jumped into the Oct. 27 mayoral contest in his place with Ford’s enthusiastic approval.

King Of Cool 'Denzel Washington' Delivers A Perfect Jay-Z Impersonation

Between Jay Pharoah and Aries Spears, we’ve heard some pretty good Jay-Z impressions. But, neither of those guys happen to be one of the best actors of all time.  Denzel Washington’s recent take on the Roc-A-Fella kingpin during The Queen Latifah Show might just trump them all.
After talking about how he won a talent show alongside Ludacris’ dad and refusing to freestyle to the Queen’s beatboxing, the He Got Game actor described a situation where he had been with Jay-Z in a studio during the The Blueprint recordings. While describing the scene, he goes into his Jigga role without hesitation, nailing the laugh and casual slickness with ease. “Yea D, I’m gonna play this for you, D.”

Between the host, conversation and Denzel’s spot-on impersonation, this is the unquestionably the most hip-hop daytime TV interview ever given. Where you at, Ellen?

Bizarre! Liberian mother claims her baby turned into a man in seconds & ran away

A Liberian mother is claiming her 2 months old son transformed into a full grown man in seconds right in front of her eyes and ran into the bush. The 16 year old mother said she was on her way to the farm carrying her baby on her back on Tuesday September 23rd when the baby asked her to put him down. Such bizarre read the story below

From Liberian Observer
Residents of Foquelleh in Panta District in Bong County were said to have been in unbelievable shock when a two-month-old baby, identified by family members as Smith Freeman, Tuesday, September 23, morning grew into a full grown man and escaped into the bush with his mother’s lappa.

Canada’s natural resources minister optimistic about Keystone XL

Natural Resources Minister Greg Rickford (right), who met with U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz (left) last week in Ottawa, said the conflict with Russia has prompted discussions among the U.S. and its allies on how to ship more crude and natural gas to Ukraine as well as Europe.
Natural Resources Minister Greg Rickford (right), who met with U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz (left) last week in Ottawa, said the conflict with Russia has prompted discussions among the U.S. and its allies on how to ship more crude and natural gas to Ukraine as well as Europe.
Canadian Natural Resources Minister Greg Rickford said a growing focus by the U.S. on energy security amid the Ukraine conflict is bolstering the case for the Keystone XL pipeline.
Rickford, who met with U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz last week in Ottawa, said the conflict with Russia has prompted discussions among the U.S. and its allies on how to ship more crude and natural gas to Ukraine as well as Europe.
“Energy security has not just crept into the dialogue, it’s actually been an essential part of every exercise we do in the context of trade and foreign affairs – North American energy security and global security,” Rickford said in a telephone interview today from Ottawa. “Take a look at Ukraine.”
TransCanada Corp’s $5.4 billion Keystone route would link Canada’s oil sands to refineries along the Gulf Coast, broadening access to global markets for the world’s third- largest crude reserves.

‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Marks The End Of The Marvel Sequel

5f06sh2-x-men-days-of-future-past-no-extended-or-directors-cut-for-dvdTurns out that X-Men: Apocalypse isn’t just about the evil mutant with a cool name, it’s also the end of the X-Men as we know them on the screen. We talked about Cyclops and Jean Grey would be recast for future movies, but it turns out that Days of Future Past really did clean the slate of the past X-Men movies, with Apocalypse coming in to finish the job.
Simon Kinberg sat down with Yahoo for a Q&A that revealed a lot about the series and where they want to go in the future. You can’t deny he is pretty open about what their aim is for Apocalypse. From Yahoo:
“We changed the timeline for everything that came after ‘DOFP’ – so ‘X-Men 1’, 2 and 3, even ‘The Wolverine’. So Jean [Grey] was not killed in ‘Last Stand’, nor was Scott, and a whole lot of other things rippled…

Ontario Taxpayers To Foot $500,000 Bill For Pan Am Games Fired Execs

imageThe dismissal of two Pan Am Games executives will cost Ontario taxpayers more than half a million dollars.
Elaine Roper was let go as senior vice-president of human resources earlier this year and will receive a severance payment of $301,451.
Louise Lutgens was dismissed aPt the same time as senior vice-president of community and cultural affairs and will receive a severance payment of $271,180.91.
A spokeswoman for the Toronto 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games said in a news release that the settlements follow terms in the former executives' contracts.
Other settlement costs include legal fees of $3,500 for each case, outplacement payments of $10,000 for each, deferred retirement benefits including an RRSP of $14,023.96 for Lutgens and $16,730 for Roper, as well as medical and health benefits through the severance period of about $3,500 for each.
The two executives were let go in March, when the games announced "streamlining" measures, and CEO Saad Rafi said Friday in a statement that those changes are going to mean that about $1.5 million that would have gone to compensation will instead go to frontline operations.

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New Trends | Electric guitar overtakes violin in music lesson boom

The electric guitar has overtaken the violin in a list of most popular musical instruments for children to play, says a music exam board.

Some 13 per cent of five- to 17-year-olds play the electric guitar, compared with 12 per cent for the violin.

Keyboard is the most popular instrument, played by 30 per cent of the 1,726 children, questioned by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music.
The figures suggest a music boom – but poorer children may be missing out.

Some 76 per cent of children aged five to 14 told the researchers they knew how to play an instrument compared with 41 per cent in 1999.

Compared with 1999 there has been rise in instrumental learning an across the board, with increasing numbers of children playing a wider variety of instruments and some children playing two or more, suggests the report.

Back in 1999, the recorder was the most popular instrument among this age group, with 19 per cent learning, just two per cent of children played the violin and one per cent, the electric guitar.

Lovely Photo of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt With Kids At Wedding

Ferguson Police Officer Shot While Chasing Suspect

FERGUSON, MO - AUGUST 30: Members of the Ferguson Police department wear body cameras during a rally August 30, 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri. Michael Brown, an 18-year-old unarmed teenager, was shot and killed by Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson on August 9. His death caused several days of violent protests along with rioting and looting in Ferguson. (Photo by Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images) | Aaron P. Bernstein via Getty Images
A Ferguson Police officer was shot Saturday evening in North St. Louis County, a spokesman for the St. Louis County Police said.

The officer was shot in the arm, KMOV reported. Officials said the wounds were non-life threatening.
Tim Zoll of the Ferguson Police Department told KSDK News an officer was on patrol near a community center when he saw someone run from the back of the building. The officer chased after the suspect, who then turned and shot the pursuing officer. The suspect fled the scene.
suspect had not been foundPolice moved on the location of West Florissant and Stein and closed area roads to conduct a search.
Civilians took to the streets after news broke, but were asked by police to leave. Missouri State Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson refuted claims that police had shot and killed someone.

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Europe win the Ryder Cup against US

Europe completed their mission in the singles to win the 40th Ryder Cup 16½-11½ against the United States at Gleneagles.

Captain Paul McGinley's side led 10-6 going into the final day and reached the 14½ needed to win the Cup outright when Welsh rookie Jamie Donaldson beat Keegan Bradley 4&3.

Rory McIlroy struck first with a 5&4 win against Rickie Fowler before fellow Northern Irishman Graeme McDowell came back from three down to beat Jordan Spieth 2&1.

Martin Kaymer chipped in on 16 to defeat Bubba Watson 4&2 and Justin Rose scrapped back from four down against Hunter Mahan to grab a half on the last and take Europe to within half a point.

The 38-year-old Donaldson, playing in the 10th match, sealed the win against Bradley with a stunning approach to the 15th green to spark scenes of euphoria in the Perthshire hills.

McGinley said: "I'm very proud of every one of these players. I couldn't have asked for an ounce more from them. I've been involved in so many Ryder Cups and seen mistakes we've made.

"I've changed things a bit, bringing in the fifth vice-captain has been a factor in helping to prepare the guys, especially in the afternoon sessions, but we have had 12 players who have been awesome."

Europe have now won eight of the last 10 Ryder Cups, while the US have not won an away match since 1993.


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The most loved and hated airlines according to Twitter

  • Virgin America came out on top, while United Airlines ranked the worst 
  • Top US airlines rated in eight categories including cost, luggage and crew  
  • US company analysed data from almost 160,000 tweets 

Virgin America is Twitter's 'hash-tag favourite' airline.

At least according to a new study, measuring the popularity of - and distaste for - the major US airlines on social media.

American Airlines, Delta, jetBlue, United and Virgin America were rated in eight categories including cost, luggage and crew.

Overall, Virgin America had the most positive tweets, ranking highest for customer service, delays/cancellations, luggage, security, and charges/fees.

JetBlue was in second place overall, followed by Delta.

And while United Airline was praised for its crew, the same could not be said of customer feedback about delays and cancellations, luggage restrictions and charges and fees.

American Airlines were not too popular either, scoring badly on crew, entertainment, seating and security.