Monday, February 29, 2016

Beijing Is Now The Billionaire Capital Of The World

Beijing is the new "Billionaire Capital of the World.'' The Chinese capital has overtaken the New York as home to the most billionaires -- 100 to 95 -- according to Hurun, a Shanghai firm that publishes a monthly magazine and releases yearly rankings and research about the world's richest people and their spending habits.

The study, which comes months after reports suggested China now has more billionaires than the United States, highlights how China's elite are continuing to accrue vast wealth despite a wobbling stock market and cooling economy.

Different tabulations of wealth, such as the Hurun Report and the Forbes list, have historically produced somewhat different results depending on their methodology.

Rupert Hoogewerf, the founder of Hurun, attributed China's explosive wealth creation to Chinese market regulators allowing a flood of new initial public offerings after holding back new IPOs for several years.

Hoogewerf said his wealth calculations were made using stock prices as of Jan. 15, which means they took into account the Chinese market's 40 per cent tumble over the past half year.

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Sunday, February 28, 2016

US Falsely Accuses Toronto Student Of Mass School Stabbing

A U.S. website misidentified a Toronto university student as the teen charged in a mass stabbing attack at an Ontario high school, leading to a slew of hateful online comments against her.

This week, a 14-year-old girl allegedly injured both staff and students in a stabbing attack at Dunbarton High School in Pickering, Ont. Now charged with 15 offences, she cannot be named by law that protects the identity of young offenders.

Zahra Vaid, a 21-year-old studying at the University of Toronto, had been initially been interviewed for a Globe and Mail story about the accused's blog. After that article was published, Vaid was named as the suspect in a post on The Gateway Pundit , a right-wing political website.

"An innocent mistake, perhaps? Not at all," Vaid wrote in a Facebook post.

The Gateway Pundit post was originally called, "Canadian Muslim Girls on Mass Stabbing Spree – 8 Injured."

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Meet Canadian Mayor Who Wore Same Suit For Over One Year

Double standards are alive and thriving in politics. To prove that, one B.C. mayor wore the same suit for well over a year and waited for someone to notice and say something about it.

No one did.

Coquitlam Mayor Richard Stewart said his 15-month social experiment only came to an end after a councillor made an offhand remark about his “plain, off-the-rack, boring, dark blue” suit.

“The comment was actually because three councillors had worn grey suits, and I was in a dark blue suit. So it was a flippant ‘Didn’t you get the memo?' comment,’ Stewart wrote on Facebook Monday.

In a 1,300-word note titled “What if the mayor wore the same suit for a year?” — most of it written in 2014 to reflect his thoughts when he began his test — Stewart talked about his experience.

He made reference to women in B.C.’s legislature — who make up 25 per cent of all MLAs — and how they face criticism based solely on what they choose to wear.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Kenyan 22-month Old Girl Undergoes Successful Skull Defect Surgery in Canada

The 22 month-old girl, Fidelis Muthoni from Makuyu in Murang’a county, Kenya who was suffering from frontal encephalocele underwent a free operation in Toronto, Canada to remove a bone growth on her face.

The Canadian doctors volunteered to operate on her for free when her father Kenneth Kinuthia met them in Kiambu county during a medical camp. Muthoni’s plight was highlighted when the family accused her uncle, Hope Foundation founder Joseph Wanjau, of misappropriating the ticket money.

The family said Wanjau voluntered to raise cash on social media to assist them  but he later withrew the Sh2.8 million raised without their consent which made it impossible for Muthoni to be flown to Canada.

Fortunately, Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta intervened and bought air tickets for mother and child to travel before the appointment was called off.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Ten Ways To Improving Your Relationship

The beautiful thing about life is that we can share our entire life with the love of our life. Relationship often goes in cycle and needs to be balanced to have continuity. What and who is most important person in our life will drive the need to have a relationship in the first place. As all relationship, for it to work, we must be working at it constantly. Not on valentine day, anniversary day, desperate days, good or bad days but every day. No matter how great a relationship is every relationship always has an area of improvement. Below I briefly highlight ten ways to improving a relationship...

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18-month Saved By An Angel From A Crash That Killed Her Mother

This baby was saved from drowning by a mysterious voice. Four police officers said they heard a mysterious adult voice calling for help from a scene of a car crash in northern Utah. When they rushed there to help, they only found 18-month-old Lily alive. Her 25-year-old mother had died in the crash. The police said they could have sworn they heard an adult female voice calling to them for help...but only met Lily trapped in the car but alive in the icy river. The mother was long dead