Saturday, September 5, 2015

Will History Remember?

Veteran _ Anna Hoffman

                      Veteran Anna Hoffman of New Jersey Regent. Source: sfcmac.wordpress
I once heard the parrots in a neighbor’s main lobby whisper that legacy is for the blind. I tried to reason like I always do with species beneath human best intelligence. But then, I was so furious I want to get into the discussion and have a debate like one of them “fellas”.

The unthoughtful may choose to forget, the careless care less anyways, the hardened may block reasoning, or newbies become blind to the sacrifices of past heroes but history will never forget those who fought hard for what we all enjoy even if taken for granted. Time passes all and moments speed by our notice but history will always remember those who fought hard, not the chickens.

If you were to go on a date with history, will history remember how hard you fought or care less because you are always looking for the easy. How hard are you fighting for your career, marriage, family, kids, spouse, community, nation, humanity? How hard are you fighting for your life?

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Friday, September 4, 2015

I Am Running For President

running for president
source: national journal
Governance in the 21st century has become a playground for who has the ball rolling. There was a time in the world where we were all ruled by a sect. The selected few had to come from a given family name and history. It has nothing to do about the “best hand of rule” but the willful sovereignty of the sect. As the human race evolved through civilization and modernization, the Greek first demonstrated representative democracy in the 6th century as a political system of government. 
Centuries past by, new world leaders have emerged from Egypt to Italy to England to Germany and now United States of America. Apparently as the lion of the western world, America has been characterized as the main proponent of democracy in the rule of nations. Concurrently we have a political system that is always ready to provoke change and challenge the norm. What could not have been possible in ages past is fast becoming living realities.
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