Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hooray! Apple's iPhone recycling program expands to Canada


Canadians can now trade in their old iPhones at an Apple store for a credit of up to $275 toward a new model.
Apple announced Tuesday that its iPhone reuse and recycling program is now available in Canada. It had launched a similar program in the U.S. last August.
Apple bills the program as "an affordable way to upgrade to a new iPhone."

Previously, Apple allowed Canadians to mail their old Apple devices to the company for recycling, but did not provide a credit or other incentive.
When customers bring their old phone to an Apple store, staff will determine on the spot the amount of the credit, which will depend on the model and condition of the phone, and can be a maximum of $275, Apple says.
Customers can bring in phones that aren't working. Both personal and business customers are eligible.
The company would provide no further details, however, about how the credit is determined.
Apple says the old phones are handled by a company called Brightstar Corp., a mobile phone distributor that determines whether the device should be refurbished, resold or recycled.

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