Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Gym teacher 'fired because she refused threesome sex with boss'

Fired- Carisa Gaylardo claims in a lawsuit that she was fired for refusing kinky advances from another gym teacher
Carisa Gaylardo, 31, was canned from the Riverdale/Kingsbridge Academy last year for what boss Sofia Memos, 41, called a ‘flirtatious’ relationship with a student, but she claims in a lawsuit that is a lie meant to cover up her refusal against repeated sexual advances.
The student’s family immediately defended the terminated teacher against the accusations, calling her a great mentor and role model while trying to help salvage her six-year career with city schools.

Gaylardo was suspended March 2013 after refusing to step down amid accusations the relationship between her and the female student was inappropriate, court documents cited by the New York Daily News claim.
Named in the suit- Gym teacher Sofia Memos repeatedly tried to pressure Gaylardo into three-way sex with her boyfriend, the lawsuit claims
The firing was made final in a hearing last month, according to the paper. It was then Gaylardo found out Memos was behind the termination.
She and the teen had exchanged 1,000 messages in the month leading up to the termination, but Gaylardo told Memos she was mentoring the girl on the struggles of juggling three sports and schoolwork.
The student and her mother immediately wrote letters defending the under fire instructor.
‘It is wrong that such a good suffering simply for helping me with my struggles,’ wrote the girl.
Her mother called Gaylardo ‘a blessing to my daughter and the rest of our family,’ and said ‘She is the greatest role model in my daughter's life.’
Memos disregarded the two letters and forced the Gaylardo to resign ‘based on the sheer number of the texts,’ according to the Daily News.

The scorned superior then filed a scathing complaint about their relationship with the city Department of Education.
‘I have observed a rapport between them that had made me feel uncomfortable,’ wrote Memos, calling their relationship ‘flirtatious.’
 ‘Gaylardo’s unprofessionalism has only encouraged it by allowing (the student) to come into our office on many occasions to just chat,’ she continued. ‘I have witnessed them giggling and laughing together many times.’
Gaylardo’s suit says the accusations are ‘false and particularly curious and disconcerting because Memos herself had actually propositioned [Gaylardo] by text message and in person to engage in an inappropriate romantic and salacious relationship with her and her boyfriend.’
Where it happened: The Riverdale/Kingsbridge Academy is where Gaylardo worked until being fired last year
Where it happened: The Riverdale/Kingsbridge Academy is where Gaylardo worked until being fired last year
The Department of Education retroactively fired Gaylardo after giving her an unsatisfactory rating. She was also added to a list of people ineligible to teach in city schools ‘simply on the frequency of communications without any finding of inappropriate contact or intent.’
Gaylardo’s lawsuit calls for the black mark to be removed from her record, her firing rescinded and back pay and benefits awarded.
A student interviewed outside the school by the Daily News said the two teachers appeared to hate each other.
‘I never saw them get along,’ said the eighth-grader.
‘It is tragic that (Gaylardo) lost her career and livelihood… because she was overzealous in helping a student struggling with the pressure of high school,’ says her suit.
The city told the paper it will ‘eview the lawsuit and respond accordingly.’
Memos could not be reached for comment.

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