Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Pamela Anderson Rape Allegations Followed up by British Columbia Police

Police on Vancouver Island are reaching out to entertainer Pamela Anderson, after the B.C.-born Hollywood star recently alleged she was raped and sexually molested in childhood.

The former Baywatch star was born in Ladysmith, B.C., in 1967 and later lived in Vancouver before moving to Los Angeles in 1989 to pursue a modelling career.

Now 46, Anderson was at the Cannes Film Festival in France on Friday, speaking publicly at an event for her foundation dedicated to protecting animal rights, when she began detailing her alleged experiences growing up on Vancouver Island.

"I did not have an easy childhood. Despite loving parents, I was molested from age six to 10 by my female babysitter," said Anderson.

The actor then went on to detail several further allegations of sexual abuse involving boys and men she knew on Vancouver Island, which she posted in a statement on her Pamela Anderson Foundation's website.

"I kept these events to myself. Sometimes when you smile, it's not because [you are] happy. It's because [you are] strong."

Lenore Kennedy with the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre hopes Anderson's revelations will inspire others to speak out about sexual violence.

"We've seen no significant drop in the stats around sexualized violence. It still occurs in a third of women," said Kennedy.

Ladysmith RCMP say given the nature of the allegations, they are reaching out to talk to Anderson to directly.

But police won't comment any further out of respect for her privacy.


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