Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Living In The Past Can Be A Huge Risk

One of the best decisions in life one can make is dealing with present reality by managing attending situations of life within contemporary means. It is often said that it is the decisions made and actions undertaken in the past that brought us where we are now. That is looking at it from a systemic angle.

With life come choices and chances. There is different between stand-up and stand-up now. You can easily recall how many times you came late to the party (delayed in taking a necessary step to achieving a portion of success). Mind you, the world comes with its surprises. Even the most gifted aren’t the most celebrated but the fortunate.  We are fortunate with a lot of things but who can discern the unfortunate circumstances of life. The designer of the universe knows better than we mortals.

For in the strength of a man, the fort of battle is built. Who will rule is in the hands of who wins the battle of life. From childhood to adulthood, we transcend from sucking milk to growing tooth. Who ever thought that cracking of bones would be much fun than growing the first lateral incisor has passed through the full cycle of

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