Friday, May 9, 2014

Money Talks! Floyd #Mayweather Purpotedly Made $70m for Fighting for Only 36mins

Boxing champ Floyd Mayweather made $32million for fighting  Marcos Maidana on Saturday May 3rd in Las Vegas. Its been revealed that Mayweather could earn up to $70 million for fighting for only 36 minutes, following the release of the pay-per-view numbers.

Check out the numbers accompany the pic above which Mayweather himself posted on instagram. He made $14k per second, $888k per min, N2.6m per round, and $32m in 12rounds/36minutes which was how long the fight, which he won by majority decision, lasted.

And now he's waiting to make an additional $38million from the Pay-Per-View of the match!

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