Saturday, January 24, 2015

Photos! Incredible moment UK man in suit takes on thief with a machete on London street

The shocking pictures above taken by a member of the public shows the moment a suited City worker attempted to tackle a machete-wielding robber to the ground. Pedestrians looked on in horror as three masked raiders smashed their way into Carr Watches and Diamonds near Liverpool Street station in central London during a daytime robbery yesterday Jan. 22nd.
As the gang tried to make their getaway on two mopeds, the have-a-go hero jumped onto the back of one of the robbers and tried to drag him to the ground. The raider then threatened the man with a long knife before running off into the busy streets. Two of the suspects got away from the jewellers while another was arrested nearby. (Source - UK Daily Mail) See more pictures below

Pictures show the brave man running up behind the raider and attempting to tackle him to the floor

The man then jumps on the raider before retreating when he is threatened with a two-foot long machete - the robber then runs away

The man and a builder who came to his aid had to back off as the raider brandished a machete which he pulled from his trousers

Police arrested one man after the raid and he has since been charged - two others got away on mopeds and are still at large

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