Thursday, August 21, 2014

B14: This All In One African Action Movie Trailer Will Have You In Stitches

B14 is a Ghanaian movie. It is an action packed movie sot hey say. It is like you are watching an African Matrix Reloaded. What you will see is a man throwing spears out his hand and got a flaming skull like this scorpion, also a back-handed slap and damn eyes out!!!!  It is like dragon ball, mortal kombat, scary movie, matrix and blood diamond all in one movie. It looks like Michael Blackson is having a day out with fellas. Smoke a blunt and this flick might be all you need. The budget for this movie might have been five goats and two acres of a yam field. Was this a documentary about Ebola, you will have to ask the producers? See trailer below

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