Friday, August 15, 2014

Parents Must Examine Social Cycle Of Wards To Prevent Rape

Social Cycle – Who are in social cycles, as parents we must teach them young girls to be wary of those in their close cycles. It is widely reported that more than 80% of rape are perpetrated by family, relatives, friends or close associates.

We cannot chose our family but we have the choice of friends and close cycles. Even that, we can choose to distant self from any family who has the propensity to assault or anchored such history. It saddens me when I heard the story of an Austrian father who raped his own biological father for 24 years and had seven children with her.

This is not the generation I want to be part of. Men and women, old and young we must fight against female objectification, assault, discrimination, violence, sexism and misogyny. This isn’t the task for only women but should be the pursuit of men, both young and old. I forever be campaigning ‘IF YOU CAN’T MAKE HER, YOU CAN’T RAPE HER’

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