Sunday, August 17, 2014

Role of Schools and Parents in Fighting Sexual Violence Against Children


Parents – Parents must increase vigilance on minors and never leave their kids alone with a stranger. Parents should check the sites their children visit on the net and the type of books they read. A child who is aware of dangers will be more likely to ward off a rapist. Increased vigilance is the solution. With this in mind, strong parental support will give girls a sense of security and belonging. A good parent-child relationship and communication would enable the latter express their fears and anxieties.

That said, parents want to encourage their children to report to them any incidents like indecent closeness, shady outing, sexual violence, physical proximity or inappropriate touching even if it is from family members or relatives. Show love to your kids, as it has been reported, children from unhappy homes are easy targets as they are starved for affection.

Schools – I like to see schools institute a standard protocol for handling sex-assault cases and initiate bystander training for young men, teaching them to intervene instead of acting as idle spectators when buddies take incapacitated young women into dark rooms. I remember in my university, fraud and students caught on examination malpractices are exposed on all the school’s notice board. In fact their presence is not warranted in the school premises any longer and we are told to report any sight of them or activities on campus. All their information is sent to all colleges in the country, they cannot seek admission elsewhere.

Same can be done in colleges where rape is rampant nowadays. Naming and shaming perpetrators for sexual crime committed within or outside campus will make recalcitrant student sit tight, and encourage parents to work on and be protective of their wards. No parents want her kid to soil their family name on campus. This will also improve brand image of college, thus prospective students have a right to know how safe campuses are for young women.

Education board – The education board can get schools to place with their social studies curriculum, safety and protection drills for both genders on how to defend themselves in the attempt of rape. Education of boys and girls should include ‘’do’s’’ and ‘’don’ts’’

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