Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What Happens When Food Looks Good But Taste Is Awful

Excerpt from the King's Taster by Ablethought

Food is done, break is fast, and the guests are set. The guest were friends from my alma mater. They were about 12 in number. The look on their face was bemusing and skeptical. They look like they laboring to eat and were forced to dine. In such setting, I registered they were only trying to be courteous and non-critical. In a fist of discontentment, one of the guests busted out ‘this fried egg is sham’. The other guests who have been looking for a forerunner to break the golden silence and broadcast the bad news unanimously chorused in Pidgin English ‘Abro, this food no be am’ (meaning ‘Abraham, this food is awful).

I deflected in shame and blame myself for my own un-doing. I did not taste the food during the cooking process and also before serving the dish. I messed up in front of the public. Later, I tasted it and I could not even feel sorrier for myself. I was laughing at my ineptitude, insensitivity and kitchen failure. Since then, I taste my food when cooking or ask another person to taste- I taste for spice, salt level, how done and water content. It has helped me to avert some embarrassment, the disadvantage in this is – if you are that hungry, you may finish the whole food while cooking, all in the sake of ‘tasting’. On the other end, one of the good thing about checking your meal is when food is cooking, the salt level, spice taste, and water content can be reviewed, monitored closely and modify to suit purpose.

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