Friday, January 16, 2015

Canadian man who took random woman on free round-the-world trip because she had same name as ex returns

They met in the departure lounge - then went around the world together.  It was a trip-of-a-lifetime that sparked global attention after Jordan Axani, 28, offered to take any Canadian girl called Elizabeth Gallagher on his Christmas vacation. He booked the trip with his ex-girlfriend - Elizabeth Gallagher - and was determined not to waste her non-transferable ticket when they broke up. After posting his plea on Reddit, he received a picture of Elizabeth 'Quinn' Gallagher's passport on Twitter, and accepted her offer.

Now, after three weeks and eight countries, he and Quinn, 23, have returned. The pair set off on December 21 from Toronto and returned on January 8, visiting New York, Bangkok, Paris, Milan, Venice, Vienna, Prague, New Delhi, Khao Lak, and Hong Kong. Despite looking cozy, the pair say there was no romance. Elizabeth has a boyfriend. See photos from their trip
It sort of brought out this brother-sister dynamic between us,' Mr Axani told CTV News.  

Ms Gallagher, a part-time office administrator and student who already has a long-term boyfriend, told local media: 'We probably got along better because we were strangers. We didn't have a relationship to break.'

Elizabeth and her own boyfriend
Her passport which she shared on twitter
The original Elizabeth Gallagher: Axani (left) originally planned to spend this Christmas holiday travelling around the world with former girlfriend Elizabeth Gallagher (left). She broke up with him after they bought all of the plane tickets 

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