Friday, January 9, 2015

Caption This! Family Accepts Strange Monkey To Play Mother Role To Their New Baby

A family in India have accepted a monkey who stumbled into their home and started playing the role of a ‘mother’ to their little baby. At first they were scared when they first saw the animal, but were later relaxed when he played and acted like a ‘mummy’ to their daughter. Hear the father;
About six months ago the child was playing at the house and a monkey came to play with her. When we see this moment everybody was full of fear, but we were surprised when we saw that the monkey played like a friend of the baby.Now we keep the monkey as a pet. It plays the role of the mother with the child, kissing and giving food to the child to eat. The child's mother is happy sharing the role of mother. The monkey is now a part of our family.'  

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