Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Once bitten! Why are international media houses reluctant to carry Charlie Hebdo new magazine cover?

French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, who lost 10 of their staff members last week Wednesday Jan. 7th in a terror attack, unveiled the cover of their new edition today January 13th which has a drawing of a weeping Prophet Muhammad holding up a sign that reads “Je suis Charlie.”, with tagline “all is forgiven,” but I noticed that most international media houses, including CNN, Daily Mail, BBC, Mirror and more refused to carry the cover but talked about the issue..

Because them no carry am, me sef I fear to carry But why though? Why are they all reluctant to carry it? Meanwhile, the mag said they are planning to release 3million copies of the new issue. Readers of Mail Online, BBC and others are blasting them for refusing to carry the cover. See some of their comments after the cut...
"Never thought I would see the day when the French are heroes and the BBC and Daily Mail are trembling like little girls."

"DM why on earth have you not posted the cover yet? You're not usually the ones afraid to tell it like it is."

"DM is a disgrace - where's the cover?"
"So where is it? Gutless lot......."

"The daily mail is either pandering to the politically correct for fear of causing offence, or, it's running scared and has been BEATEN by the terrorists. Which is it?"
"Just like the politicians, lots of words no actions. When marching the other day it would have been better if they had all marched holding up posters of Charlie Hebdo's cartoons. Now that's standing shoulder to shoulder! DM publish you cowards."

"You've published the article without the picture that the article is about. Not very Je Suis Charlie. Shame on you."
"Go look at The Guardian, a paper with the guts to print it."

"It will be interesting to see if any UK news media, has the guts to show what they (CHARLIE) print on Wednesday, or will it be a case of not in our back yard. Cameron talked about free speech, lets see."

"The Guardian has 10 times the guts of the DM - the Charlie Hebdo cover is on the front page."
"No paper will show the cartoon in this country, every one is too afraid of reprisals. In this respect the terrorist have won.// Absolute rubbish, the picture is on the front page of The Guardian."

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