Friday, January 9, 2015

US Woman Finds 5-Foot Snake in Toilet

It started out as just another regular day at work for San Diego – based woman, Stephanie Lacsa.

However, the day took an unexpected turn during a visit to the bathroom at the Public Relations offices where she worked.

Noticing that the toilet water level was higher than usual, Lacsa used a plunger to try to unclog the toilet. The water level subsequently reduced. However, she then saw that something brown appeared in the toilet – then it kept rising, until she saw a tongue. She then realized that a large 5-foot boa constrictor was emerging from the toilet.

She then ran out of the bathroom screaming, and then taped the door shut. Afterwards, she called animal control authorities who arrived at the scene and took the snake away.

It is suspected that the state of the building’s fixtures may have played a part in the occurrence.

“Our building, which is the Old San Diego City Hall, was built in 1886, so we are accustomed to the old pipes and stubborn plumbing,” said Holly Wells, Lacsa’s business partner. BN

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