Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Aww! Student agrees to marry disabled man 3 DAYS after they met online

Xiao Dan and Kong Chuang

Sarah Ridley | Mirror
Attractive Xiao Dan, 22, has decided to leave college and now hopes to get a job so she can look after her husband-to-be.

A love-struck student is giving up her studies to marry a disabled man she met online - despite only knowing him for three days.

Pretty Xiao Dan, 22, started chatting to Kong Chuang, 23, on the messaging app service, WeChat.

And she was so impressed with his zest for life that she decided to leave college so she can look after him.

She said: "Talking to him was not like talking to anybody else I met online.

"He seemed to be a really amazing person and we stayed up long into the night chatting.

"The next day we talked again and I decided that even though it meant missing lecturers, I was going to go and see him.

"I had no idea he was disabled, and when I realised when I saw him, I was a bit shocked."

She said she had originally started talking to him because he could play the piano well and his pictures looked like a famous Taiwanese musician, actor, and director called Jay Cho.

But during the conversation she was amazed by his optimistic outlook and felt inspired by his remarkable determination to succeed, despite his disability.

While talking to her parents on the phone that evening she announced that she was leaving college and planned to get married.

The couple are currently living together with Kong's family in the city of Guangzhou in southern China’s Guangdong province.

She said she wants to get a job and move into a place of their own where she can take care of him.

Delighted Kong said: "I wouldn't describe myself as optimistic, I just know where I want to be and I intend to get there.

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