Saturday, August 16, 2014

Online Reporting And Improved Legislation Can Reduce Violence Against Women

Revisit legislation – Legislation on rape and sexual crimes must re-enforce fundamental human rights, protect individual bodily integrity and right to self-determination and sexual freedom without violating another. The Sharia law which only hold women accountable for sex related offence must either be revoked or revised. And any law which excuses women from charging husband with rape should be quashed. No wonder countries like Ethiopia where women cannot charge husband with rape has one of the highest rates of violence against women in the world. Shameful!

For countries who seems to have some written law on paper- improved enforcement, fast-track arrests and questioning of anyone implicated, tighten up investigation, set trials time bound and make punishment or execution swift.

Come with me for a minute, have we considered online reporting system. Most victims cannot stand the stress of talking to someone on phone. We can have online incidence report where there is a template which includes name, location, time, witnesses, duration, pictorial evidence, DNA sample, type of abuse, culprit(s) details, background information et cetera.

This reporting system will be managed by special investigative unit under the police force. In fact, all police department should have department for sexual offence and related matters. On top that, every ward or region can do with a rape crisis center for counseling and providing support to rape victims.

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