Saturday, August 16, 2014

Touching Photo From Liberia As Country Battles Ebola Epidemic

Getty Images photographer John Moore traveled to Monrovia, Liberia, risking his own life to chronicle harrowing scenes in the country which is in the grip of the deadly Ebola disease. The death toll from Ebola has now reached 1,069 and Liberia is the second most affected country after Guinea where this recent outbreak started from.
A mother and child stand on top of a mattress in an Ebola isolation station in Liberia for suspected victims of the virus
Patients in the Ebola isolation centre are forced to sleep on mattresses on the floor after being sent to the facility suspected of having the disease.
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he ward, in a former primary school, is where people suspected of having the virus are sent by health workers
woman stands over her husband with her head in her hands, after he staggered and fell, knocking him unconscious in an Ebola ward in Liberia
Workers wearing protective clothing and masks look on as the woman desperately tries to help her husband who has fallen to the ground

A son tries to rouse his father in their one-room home (left) before he is taken to an Ebola ward in Liberia

Doctor attending to a patient with Ebola symptoms.


An Ebola victim is loaded on to a truck by a government burial team

Three-year-old Nino sits in a newly opened Ebola isolation centre set up by the Liberian health ministry in a closed school
Other children at the Isolation centre

A woman cries as the undertakers, wearing protective clothing go to remove her cousin's body
After her body is placed on a truck and taken away, neighbours and relatives gather around to watch the vehicle depart
Relatives and neighbours of a woman suspected of dying of Ebola watch on as a Liberian burial team prepare to enter her home to remove her body
A man stands next to the coffin of Dr Modupeh Cole, a doctor from Sierra Leone, who succumbed to the deadly Ebola virus
A security guard walks atop the roof of an abandoned hotel in Monrovia
The man who took the photos. Getty Images staff photographer John Moore wears protective clothing before joining a Liberian burial team set to remove the body of an Ebola victim from her home

Source: UK Daily Mail and Getty Images

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