Sunday, December 28, 2014

More Than 1,000 Chinese Cat Rescued Thanks to the Internet

1,000 Chinese Cats Rescued Thanks to the Internet

Brendan O'Connor | GAWKER
More than 1,000 cats stolen by cat traffickers in northeast China were rescued after their owners found each other on the Internet and collaborated with local law enforcement, Sky News reports.

According to Sky News, the suspected traffickers arrived in Dalian City earlier this month and had been searching the city for cats every night, "before being noticed by a group of pet lovers who share their pet raising experiences online."

The pet lovers alerted police, who were able to locate a "cat den" in a nearby village, arresting six suspects. The cats were likely to be sold for their meat and fur, the Daily News reports.

More than 300 of the cats have been returned to their owners.

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