Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Newest Update on missing AirAsia jet: 40 bodies & debris of jet found floating in sea

Indonesian officials say they have found 40 dead bodies, luggage, a plane door, and an emergency slide floating in the water off the coast of Borneo Island. They are all from the AirAsia flight that disappeared two days ago after losing communications with control tower after encountering storm clouds.

At least 40 of the bodies, many of them not wearing life jackets , have been removed from the water and taken from the scene on board an Indonesian navy ship. Images on Indonesian television showed half-naked bloated bodies bobbing in the sea. Several pieces of red, white and black debris were earlier spotted in the Java Sea near Borneo island which officials later confirmed to be debris from the missing jet.
Meanwhile family members who were at the airport waiting for any good news from the missing planes, watched live on TV as the rescue team found bodies of loved ones floating on the sea and was being recovered. 

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